Virtual Wrestling Entertainment is one of the longest running wrestling federations in Second Life and is regarded as being the gold standard of wrestling in Second Life by bringing entertaining action and storylines three times a week for almost ten years. VWE prides itself on having the highest expectations and one of the best wrestling rosters containing some of the best wrestling talents both past present and future. Every person VWE has produced has been considered top tier talent and champions in other places. Our aim is to consistently entertain everyone week in and week out to provide the best experience for fans and wrestlers alike.

While others try to promote themselves as the top wrestling group in Second Life, we let our actions and production speak for us. With over 10+ years of experience, development, and evolution in both talent and our product, combined with one of the largest followings in social media, and Real unique crowds that often max out a sim (no fake crowds here).

We actively seek only the best, believing in Quality over Quantity. We deliver an honest product that will entertain you, not "sell" to you. Why is VWE different? Simple. We always let our product speak for us, We'll never pretend to be something we're not, and We'll always deliver what we promise. We guarantee you the most Honest, Realistic, Entertaining product, free of opinions, politics, and judgments. We support everyone equally, All races, religions, genders, and occupations while we respect every individuals and never force a "mission statement" on you, or attempt to change your own beliefs. VWE is about wrestling, plain and simple. It's what we do best.


The mantra of Virtual Wrestling Entertainment is to Always Evolve and that is exactly what we do, we have for over 10+ years innovated constantly to improve ourselves, whether it be the wrestling action in the ring to the top-notch production outside of it. We always will find a way to innovate.